Picture yourself with PRIMA

involve_05Photo by Julia Laude

Jherell Drain, Olivia Thomas, Emily Mein and Janina Vore represented the SJFC PRIMA Group during Involvement Fest on the LeChase Commons Tuesday Sept. 16.

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Alumni return for career seminar

Lauren Vicker, right, introduces recent alums Brandon Smith, left, and Alisa Galiney, center, to her Career Seminar class.

Lauren Vicker, right, introduces recent alums Brandon Smith, left, and Alisa Galiney, center, to her Career Seminar class.

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“Football Focus” show debuts

The newest Cardinal Television production, Fisher Football Focus, debuted this week with a report on the Cardinals’ season-opening win over Otterbein on Saturday Sept. 6.


Kyle Lumsden interviews Coach Paul Vosburgh on the debut episode of Fisher Football Focus.

The half-hour weekly show will include highlights and interviews with coaches and players. The debut features interviews with Head Coach Paul Vosburgh and athletic director Bob Ward, along with players Mike Donitzen and Nathan Nigolian.

The show is produced and hosted by Kyle Lumsden in a joint project with the football team players and coaches. The project was developed over the summer in a series of conversations involving Vosburgh, Media Center Director Cecil Felton and department Chair Jack Rosenberry. Lumsden, who has worked on other CTV sports productions, volunteered to head up the show.

The current episode can be seen online at CTV’s Livestream site, and also on YouTube. (The YouTube link is recommended for mobile devices.)

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Professor Marchaesi-Ciaraldi recognized for bringing the classroom to the community

Marchaesi-Ciaraldi receives the St. John Fisher College Adjunct Faculty Karyl Mammano Excellence in Service award.

Marchaesi-Ciaraldi receives the St. John Fisher College Adjunct Faculty Karyl Mammano Excellence in Service award.

Professor Kathy Marchaesi-Ciaraldi received the 2014 SJFC Adjunct Faculty Karyl Mammano Excellence in Service Award for her ability to bring teaching out of the classroom and incorporating real-world experience for her students while serving the community.

Marchaesi-Ciaraldi teaches communication courses and is the main instructor of Fisher’s Introduction to Advertising courses. She infuses the curriculum with a hands-on approach to developing advertising strategy, often incorporating community service partners as clients. She volunteers much of her own time outside of the classroom to benefit the career growth of her students and community.

This interaction with local business and non-profit organizations helps students learn the skills of working with external clients, developing their professional identities and building their personal networks. Some students have gone on to find employment through the connections they made while working on a project for Professor Marchaesi.

This year Marchaesi-Ciaraldi is taking service to a new level, working as adviser to the PRIMA (Public Relations, Integrated Marketing and Advertising) Group, a student-run firm that serves real clients from the Rochester community. When she first began to advise the PRIMA group in 2013, it was nearly dormant, with waning student interest and no real clients or projects on its docket.

Marchaesi led the effort to grow student interest in the PRIMA experience and it resulted with more than 15 students creating, planning and celebrating the inaugural Gilda’s Cup Collegiate Comedy Improv Competition to benefit Gilda’s Club of Rochester. The event, which started out as an idea for a class project, moved onto PRIMA’s docket and raised approximately $3,500 in support of Gilda’s Club, the cancer support organization.

“Without Kathy’s involvement, the firm would not be where it is today, and her efforts to put it there have been a tremendously important service to the Department of Media and Communication,” says Dr. Jack Rosenberry, Chair of the department and the person who nominated Marchaesi-Ciaraldi for the college’s annual faculty and staff recognition awards.

Due to Marchaesi-Ciaraldi’s service, the PRIMA Group is prepared for continued community outreach projects and real-world client successes.  The PRIMA Group was also able to develop a marketing plan for a locally owned hair salon while they prepared for the Gilda’s Club fundraiser – truly speaking to the agency experience of representing multiple clients.

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Fisher senior recognized with Student Media Scholars Award

(From left to right) Pete Nowak, Chairman of the Media Scholar Awards Panel and Dave Sluberski, Rochester Audio Visual Association (RAVA) President and Rochester Institute of Technology professor, present the Student Media Scholars Award to Audriana Molina, ’14.

(From left to right) Pete Nowak, Chairman of the Media Scholar Awards Panel and Dave Sluberski, Rochester Audio Visual Association President and Rochester Institute of Technology professor, present the Student Media Scholars Award to Audriana Molina, ’14.

Audriana Molina, a senior Media and Communication student, has been recognized by the Rochester Audio Visual Association (RAVA) for her outstanding work and involvement in broadcast media while pursuing a degree in Communication/Journalism at St. John Fisher College.

Through the generosity of its members and related businesses, RAVA continues to help outstanding college students pursue programs of study in media and communications at area colleges and universities. Since its inception in 1976, the RAVA Student Media Scholars Award has recognized the hard work and talent of dozens of area college students.

Faculty from each of seven area colleges nominate students from their film, media, or communications programs to receive the Student Media Scholars Award. Cecil Felton, the Media Center Coordinator and Cardinal Television Advisor at Fisher, nominated Molina to be recognized for her excellent work as a producer at Fisher News. “I’m incredibly thankful to Cecil Felton for nominating me as he has been a great mentor to me during my time at Fisher,” Molina says.

Upon being selected, Molina was invited to meet with other award recipients and RAVA members, where she got to present a five minute reel that showcased her work in media. Her reel consisted of interviews, as well as complete news packages she created at Fisher News; essentially a compilation of her professional journey from her start in media to where she is today.

Molina actually began her studies at St. John Fisher as a Psychology major with a minor in Communications. It wasn’t until her junior year that she decided to make Communications a second major, which makes her most recent accomplishment all the more meaningful. “It was incredible to be honored,” she says. “I never would have guessed that I could progress so much in the field of media to the point where I could actually receive a scholarship and be honored for my work.”

However surprised the graduating senior is at the recognition she’s received, her biggest fans have always known her potential. “RAVA has recognized what, as her mother, I have seen firsthand,” says Noemis Marcano-Molina. “All her hard work, dedication and pride in the work she does.”

The Rochester Audio Visual Association is a nonprofit association of educational and technical professionals who work in media production, support, research, and instruction. The organization serves as a community for educating Rochester’s next generation of media professionals; inspiring creative innovation, developing community, and fostering a continued appreciation of Rochester’s place in media history.

Audriana Molina posing with her parents at the 38th annual Student Media Scholars Awards reception.

Audriana Molina with her parents at the 38th annual Student Media Scholars Awards reception.

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Gilda’s Cup improv competition gets its start at Fisher

The inaugural Gilda’s Cup Collegiate Comedy Improv Competition, benefiting Gilda’s Club of Rochester, will be held at the St. John Fisher College Cleary Auditorium on Friday, April 4 at 6 p.m.

The competition is a first time event for Gilda’s Club of Rochester and was created through a partnership that began with a service learning project in Professor Kathy Marchaesi’s Introduction to Advertising class in the spring of 2013. Students found the project meaningful, and she encouraged them to continue their work through involvement in the Department of Media and Communication’s student run Public Relations, Integrated Marketing, and Advertising agency (PRIMA).

Recognizing the value and service they could provide to Gilda’s Club, PRIMA officially began planning the event that would become Gilda’s Cup Collegiate Comedy Improv Competition during the summer in 2013. “We have a real result supporting a great cause that is very rewarding, especially in the case of Gilda’s Club,” says Paige Willson ’15, one of the many students who joined PRIMA and are helping to make the event a reality.

The student organizers hope the event becomes a tradition in helping to fund and build awareness of the 1,200 programs Gilda’s Club of Rochester operates locally each year. All of the programs the organization provides are free to those who live with or are affected by the impacts of cancer. “We’re hoping this becomes something that can carry on year after year and not just be a one time thing,” says Bob Russell, Executive Director of Gilda’s Club Rochester.

Russell began working with Fisher students in order to come up with a creative way of reaching out and sharing the Gilda’s Club mission with young people. Young people are also affected by the impact cancer has on our community, and Russell wants to make sure they know that there is support, through a multitude of programs, available at Gilda’s Club.

According to the organization, approximately 17,000 Monroe County men, women, teens, and children are affected by cancer each year and it’s the little things, like laughter, that can make the biggest difference. “Laughter is a big part of what goes on here,” Russell says. “You talk to people who are living through cancer – laughter really does help them, and of course, Gilda’s legacy is as a comedian, so we try to find a way to bring that together.”

The Gilda’s Cup competition keeps Russell’s sentiments in mind, “laughter is the best medicine.” The event was created with a goal of bringing other area colleges together, and will include competing improv troupes from Fisher, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and State University of New York at Oswego. Each team will have 15 minutes to showcase their Improv skills, and the Gilda’s Cup Champions will be determined by an audience vote.

“Gilda’s Cup is an incredible opportunity for college students from local schools to come together in support of a noble cause. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a fun and competitive environment while supporting an essential community organization,” says Rob Meacham ’14.

Tickets for the Gilda’s Cup Collegiate Comedy Improv Competition are $5.00 and can be purchased online at bit.ly/gildascup.

Gilda’s Club Mission
To create welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer – men, women, teens and children – along with their families and friends.
Our innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities.

More about PRIMA
All Fisher students are welcome to become a member of PRIMA. There are no membership fees and students are encouraged to join the open agency as both an extracurricular and experiential learning activity. Students may also opt to make their involvement in PRIMA count toward 1 credit as an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Practicum.



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Job opening for faculty member in speech and business comm

The Media and Communication Department at St. John Fisher College anticipates a faculty opening to teach a combination of speech and business communication courses beginning in Fall 2014. This position will be filled as a one-year term Visiting Assistant Professor position, and is subject to final budget approval.

Applicants should hold a master’s degree and also have significant practical experience in business communication settings, plus recent college teaching experience at least at an adjunct level.

The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching four courses per semester in speech communication, which covers a combination of public speaking, interpersonal and organizational communication; and business communication, which incorporates presentational and writing skills for a business environment. The position also includes coordination of the curriculum for the business communication course, which has several sections taught by adjunct instructors.

Electronic application should be made through the St. John Fisher College jobs portal.

Consideration of candidates will begin March 10, 2014.

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Orientation helps new students find activities to join

Fisher media Communication orientation

Professor Todd Sodano, center, sits with incoming freshmen and transfer students as they discuss the opportunities that most interest them.

By Matt Ulakovich

This first week of the semester, St. John Fisher’s newest communication students participated in an orientation session in which they were able to meet with returning students and advisers to learn about all the opportunities that await them in the newly re-named Media and Communication department.

The students and advisers at the orientation represent such career focused extracurricular groups as Cardinal Courier Media, Cardinal Television, PRIMA Connections, Fisher’s PRSSA chapter, and the Lambda Pi Eta communications honor society.

Greetings and Opportunities

While beginning a new journey may seem a bit overwhelming at first, students found the event to be a welcomed retreat. “The speed dating was great because it allowed me to see what Fisher had to offer in a more intimate setting,” Jillian Nalivyko says. “Just [meeting] with Comm. students, not with every single transfer and freshman made me choose some clubs that I didn’t think I would have been interested in.”

Nalivyko, of Rochester, transferred to Fisher as a second-semester sophomore who is interested in becoming a broadcast journalist and has already completed an internship at YNN Buffalo. “I’m really looking forward to trying the television station, as well as the newspaper and the honor society,” Nalivyko says.

Getting Involved/If You Missed It

While the orientation catered to the interests of Media and Communication students, ALL Fisher students are welcomed, encouraged, and often do become a part of the Media and Communication family. Students interested in joining one of the media and communication groups can stop by the Cardinal Media Tent at the Involvement Festival on Tuesday Sept. 17 to find out how to get involved.

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From C/J to MAC: Department gets new name, additional major

The St. John Fisher College Communication/Journalism Department has a new name and new major offering for the new 2013-14 academic year.

The program will now be known as the Department of Media and Communication, and will present students a choice of two distinct degree offerings.

The department will continue to offer a bachelor’s of arts (BA) degree but will add a bachelor of science (BS) in Media Management, which combines elements of degrees in communication and business management/marketing. The college and department received approval to offer the new degree from the New York State Department of Education in July.

The BA for now will continue to be known as Communication/Journalism, although the college has applied to the New York State Department of Education to change the name of the degree program to match the department’s name of Media and Communication. A decision from the state about the change is pending.

This program is for students who are interested in learning to create content for presentation across platforms (written, audio/video, graphical, online) for a variety of purposes, including traditional and emerging journalism, broadcasting, video production, and creative work in public relations and advertising. It consists of 37 credits, with several required courses and a large number of electives that allow students to tailor the program to best suit their interests.

Requirements for this program are unchanged from the BA the department now offers. They were last revised in 2011 to add a greater emphasis on multimedia production skills and greater flexibility for students in choosing their of courses.

The BS in Media Management provides a blend of production skills and conceptual understanding of media with business literacy. It prepares students for careers that have a strong communications component yet lie outside of traditional media industries, including corporate communications, non-profit agency marketing/communications, and positions in public relations, advertising and marketing that require skills in social media management, digital media production, and Web-based presentation.

As a BS it includes more requirements and carries more total credits, with 63 credits of required and elective courses including a mandatory capstone sequence focused on practical experience.

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