Alumni 40th Birthday Event on Oct. 3

By Julia Laude

The Department of Media and Communication — born as Communication/Journalism — will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on Friday Oct. 3, in conjunction with Fisher’s Alumni Weekend.

The birthday-party themed celebration will take place in the Golisano Gateway Midlevel from 4 to 7 p.m..

This event is a way to celebrate and look back on all the growth the department has had over the years. For alums it’s a great way to remember their time at Fisher but also gain insight about what has happened since they left. For students this is a chance to network and make connections with alumni.

The event will include a brief introduction of faculty and staff, free time for students and alums to network, and students showing the alums the television studio and the Cardinal Courier. Alums will be able to record a message of advice for students in the studio and there will be a photo booth in the Courier office.

Not just communication and media students are invited to the party. Students with communication and media minors and alumni who are from the major but are not working in the field are also invited.

The PRIMA Group has been in charge of putting up flyers and speaking to classes about the event. Social media has also been a big part of promoting the event. The department has used LinkedIn and Facebook for invitations, and created a hash tag for Twitter.

The advice that coordinating professor Lauren Vicker has for students is: don’t be shy. She said that too often at events such as this, alums all stick together and students all stick together and they don’t take advantage of the networking opportunity.

“Alumni are so willing to talk with and help students,” she said. “You just don’t know the possibilities until you go. You could meet somebody available to shadow, be a mentor, get an internship and maybe even a job.” She suggested that students ask a faculty member to introduce them to alums if they are not comfortable doing it themselves.

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New CTV show puts Focus on Fisher Football

By Julia Laude

A student’s  independent study project makes the perfect platform for football coach Paul Vosburgh’s idea for Fisher Football Focus.

Vosburgh wanted to start the show to let people know about St. John Fisher College football, and over the summer brought the idea to Department Chair Jack Rosenberry and Cardinal Television adviser Cecil Felton. The weekly show highlights game plays and allows players and coaches to give a behind the scenes look at what it’s like on the field.

Kyle Lumsden interviewing Tony Fusco and Jordan Andrews | photo by Julia Laude










The concept and execution of the show fell into place under the direction of Kyle Lumsden. As a director, producer, editor and anchor of the show, Lumsden was the perfect candidate to take on this project, earning independent study credit in the process. He has produced many Cardinal Television shows including Fisher Sports Desk, and he has had many internships to aid in his work for Fisher Football Focus.

If players do well for a game, Lumsden invites them to come on to the show to discuss how they prepared and to talk about what they did right. For each show Lumsden brings in both the offensive and defensive sides of game play. As head coach, Vosburgh will be on the show each week to give his input as well.

Felton is acting like a mentor for Lumsden by assisting him and helping his ideas all come together. Lumsden describes his work as a “Great opportunity to gain experience by reporting for a team.” Lumsden plans on graduating in December so he is molding the show for someone to eventually take it over.

A basketball version may come instead when Lumsden graduates.

So far a link for each episode has been sent out for viewing via campus e-mail. Each episode has been uploaded to Cardinal Television’s YouTube channel and website also.

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Department celebrating its 40th birthday Oct. 3!!


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Business Communication with a southern accent

By Julia Laude

Visiting assistant professor Rick Curry has recently joined the Communication and Media department at St. John Fisher College to teach courses in business communication and speech communication.

He has his bachelor’s in Communication Studies from Wingate University, his master’s in Organizational and Strategic Communication from Queens University of Charlotte and his PhD in Communication and Information: Communication & Technology, and Culture from University of Tennessee.

Rick Curry

Curry resided in Knoxville, Tennessee before making the move to Rochester, New York. He misses the weather the most about his home town. He’s only seen snow four times in his life so he’s nervous for the coming months, but he appreciates the snow. He says they only have two real seasons in Tennessee and that’s winter and summer. It’s warm until mid-November and then all of a sudden it will get cold.

He also finds comfort in being on the Fisher campus. He fell in love with the campus as soon as he came to visit. He appreciated the fact that people were so friendly and welcoming. Fisher also felt very familiar to him like how he felt when he was in college.

The interaction with students is the best part of being a professor for Curry. Being in school was the most influential years of his life because the most important people that were a part of the process were his professors. Being in a small, private college, you find more professors who are willing to take the time to help students.

“Absolutely my favorite part is being able to have that relationship with students and hopefully be as impactful as professors were for me,” he said in remembering his college days. He hopes he can help his students with career choices and academic advising, or if they’re just going through something tough in life.

Finding a mentor is what Curry would say his best advice is. “Seek out opportunities that are going to help you,” he said. “Don’t wait until the last minute in your senior year to look for an internship.”

Students should being asking their professors what kinds of things they could be doing to further your career, he added. Seek out people who have been there, who can give you advice. These individuals could give you a different perspective or point you in a different direction. Looking for internships, opportunities, clubs and organizations are the things that are going to make you stand out in a group of other applicants when looking for a job. Employers are going to be looking for things that make you different.

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Rozelle new PR professor at Fisher

By Julia Laude

Arien Rozelle has joined the faculty of the Department of Media and Communication at St. John Fisher College as a visiting assistant professor teaching public relations.

Before coming to Fisher, she spent 12 years in New York City working in and studying public relations and marketing. She graduated from New York University with her master’s in public relations and corporate communication after earning a bachelor’s in communication with a specialization in media management and human communication while her minor was English from SUNY Fredonia.

Arien Rozelle

Rozelle grew up in the close by town of Geneva, New York. Her love for communication began in high school. She didn’t consider any other field. She knew she had the skills for the job and she pursued the field.

Since returning to her home town, there have been a lot of new things forming including local wineries and foods. She was excited to take the position at Fisher because she would be closer to her friends and family as well. After living in New York City for more than a decade, Rozelle and her husband, Tim, were ready for the move.

Picking her favorite class is hard for Rozelle. “That’s like choosing my favorite child,” she said excitedly, while describing her classes for this semester. She teaches a variety of public relations courses including Intro to Public Relations, Public Relations Case Studies and Media Management and Economics. She will be teaching a Social Media Management course in the spring.

Rozelle is very passionate about being a professor. She loves to interact with her students, especially the ones hungry for knowledge. In this type of field things are always changing, “This is a job where you’re encouraged to continue learning for the rest of your life.” She’s happy that she can share what’s she’s learned to help her students succeed.

Her advice to students who are pursuing a career in the communication and media field is, “Be curious, be creative, be kind and always practice your writing skills.”Curiosity is a key skill in any field you decide to work in, she added.

Other pieces of advice she has are:

  • Try to understand the whole picture and always try to reach higher.
  • Be opened minded and think outside of the box.
  • Find new and better ways to figure something out.

She also believes that no act of kindness is ever wasted because you never know who you’re going to work with or who’s going to work with you.

Rozelle can be found on her Twitter and LinkedIn sites.

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Picture yourself with student media

involve_05Photo by Julia Laude

Jherell Drain, Olivia Thomas, Emily Mein and Janina Vore of the Cardinal Courier borrowed the SJFC PRIMA Group’s frame for this shot during Involvement Fest on the LeChase Commons Tuesday Sept. 16.

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Alumni return for career seminar

Lauren Vicker, right, introduces recent alums Brandon Smith, left, and Alisa Galiney, center, to her Career Seminar class.

Lauren Vicker, right, introduces recent alums Brandon Smith, left, and Alisa Galiney, center, to her Career Seminar class.

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“Football Focus” show debuts

The newest Cardinal Television production, Fisher Football Focus, debuted this week with a report on the Cardinals’ season-opening win over Otterbein on Saturday Sept. 6.


Kyle Lumsden interviews Coach Paul Vosburgh on the debut episode of Fisher Football Focus.

The half-hour weekly show will include highlights and interviews with coaches and players. The debut features interviews with Head Coach Paul Vosburgh and athletic director Bob Ward, along with players Mike Donitzen and Nathan Nigolian.

The show is produced and hosted by Kyle Lumsden in a joint project with the football team players and coaches. The project was developed over the summer in a series of conversations involving Vosburgh, Media Center Director Cecil Felton and department Chair Jack Rosenberry. Lumsden, who has worked on other CTV sports productions, volunteered to head up the show.

The current episode can be seen online at CTV’s Livestream site, and also on YouTube. (The YouTube link is recommended for mobile devices.)

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Professor Marchaesi-Ciaraldi recognized for bringing the classroom to the community

Marchaesi-Ciaraldi receives the St. John Fisher College Adjunct Faculty Karyl Mammano Excellence in Service award.

Marchaesi-Ciaraldi receives the St. John Fisher College Adjunct Faculty Karyl Mammano Excellence in Service award.

Professor Kathy Marchaesi-Ciaraldi received the 2014 SJFC Adjunct Faculty Karyl Mammano Excellence in Service Award for her ability to bring teaching out of the classroom and incorporating real-world experience for her students while serving the community.

Marchaesi-Ciaraldi teaches communication courses and is the main instructor of Fisher’s Introduction to Advertising courses. She infuses the curriculum with a hands-on approach to developing advertising strategy, often incorporating community service partners as clients. She volunteers much of her own time outside of the classroom to benefit the career growth of her students and community.

This interaction with local business and non-profit organizations helps students learn the skills of working with external clients, developing their professional identities and building their personal networks. Some students have gone on to find employment through the connections they made while working on a project for Professor Marchaesi.

This year Marchaesi-Ciaraldi is taking service to a new level, working as adviser to the PRIMA (Public Relations, Integrated Marketing and Advertising) Group, a student-run firm that serves real clients from the Rochester community. When she first began to advise the PRIMA group in 2013, it was nearly dormant, with waning student interest and no real clients or projects on its docket.

Marchaesi led the effort to grow student interest in the PRIMA experience and it resulted with more than 15 students creating, planning and celebrating the inaugural Gilda’s Cup Collegiate Comedy Improv Competition to benefit Gilda’s Club of Rochester. The event, which started out as an idea for a class project, moved onto PRIMA’s docket and raised approximately $3,500 in support of Gilda’s Club, the cancer support organization.

“Without Kathy’s involvement, the firm would not be where it is today, and her efforts to put it there have been a tremendously important service to the Department of Media and Communication,” says Dr. Jack Rosenberry, Chair of the department and the person who nominated Marchaesi-Ciaraldi for the college’s annual faculty and staff recognition awards.

Due to Marchaesi-Ciaraldi’s service, the PRIMA Group is prepared for continued community outreach projects and real-world client successes.  The PRIMA Group was also able to develop a marketing plan for a locally owned hair salon while they prepared for the Gilda’s Club fundraiser – truly speaking to the agency experience of representing multiple clients.

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Fisher senior recognized with Student Media Scholars Award

(From left to right) Pete Nowak, Chairman of the Media Scholar Awards Panel and Dave Sluberski, Rochester Audio Visual Association (RAVA) President and Rochester Institute of Technology professor, present the Student Media Scholars Award to Audriana Molina, ’14.

(From left to right) Pete Nowak, Chairman of the Media Scholar Awards Panel and Dave Sluberski, Rochester Audio Visual Association President and Rochester Institute of Technology professor, present the Student Media Scholars Award to Audriana Molina, ’14.

Audriana Molina, a senior Media and Communication student, has been recognized by the Rochester Audio Visual Association (RAVA) for her outstanding work and involvement in broadcast media while pursuing a degree in Communication/Journalism at St. John Fisher College.

Through the generosity of its members and related businesses, RAVA continues to help outstanding college students pursue programs of study in media and communications at area colleges and universities. Since its inception in 1976, the RAVA Student Media Scholars Award has recognized the hard work and talent of dozens of area college students.

Faculty from each of seven area colleges nominate students from their film, media, or communications programs to receive the Student Media Scholars Award. Cecil Felton, the Media Center Coordinator and Cardinal Television Advisor at Fisher, nominated Molina to be recognized for her excellent work as a producer at Fisher News. “I’m incredibly thankful to Cecil Felton for nominating me as he has been a great mentor to me during my time at Fisher,” Molina says.

Upon being selected, Molina was invited to meet with other award recipients and RAVA members, where she got to present a five minute reel that showcased her work in media. Her reel consisted of interviews, as well as complete news packages she created at Fisher News; essentially a compilation of her professional journey from her start in media to where she is today.

Molina actually began her studies at St. John Fisher as a Psychology major with a minor in Communications. It wasn’t until her junior year that she decided to make Communications a second major, which makes her most recent accomplishment all the more meaningful. “It was incredible to be honored,” she says. “I never would have guessed that I could progress so much in the field of media to the point where I could actually receive a scholarship and be honored for my work.”

However surprised the graduating senior is at the recognition she’s received, her biggest fans have always known her potential. “RAVA has recognized what, as her mother, I have seen firsthand,” says Noemis Marcano-Molina. “All her hard work, dedication and pride in the work she does.”

The Rochester Audio Visual Association is a nonprofit association of educational and technical professionals who work in media production, support, research, and instruction. The organization serves as a community for educating Rochester’s next generation of media professionals; inspiring creative innovation, developing community, and fostering a continued appreciation of Rochester’s place in media history.

Audriana Molina posing with her parents at the 38th annual Student Media Scholars Awards reception.

Audriana Molina with her parents at the 38th annual Student Media Scholars Awards reception.

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