Journalism & Film Series

Dr. Rosenberry’s Journalism and Film Series kicked off on October 12 with the 1941 film; Citizen Kane.  With the series lasting a total of 3 films, there is plenty of opportunity to lean more about journalism history. Along with the showing of Citizen Kane October 12; All the President’s Men; a film about two journalists and their efforts to report on the Watergate scandal will be shown at 6:30pm, November 2nd in Basil 214.

The third and final film in the series is Spotlight.  Although a more recent film (2015) it won best picture and tells a tale about reporters for the Boston Globe uncovering a sex-abuse scandal among Catholic priests within the Boston Diocese.  Spotlight will be shown on November 30th at 6:30 in Basil 214.  Dr. Rosenberry has been wanting to put on a film festival for many semesters-and now it’s your chance to sit back, relax and learn about journalism and its history through the 3 film series.