Students Embrace a New Course Geared Towards Making a Difference

The Media and Comm department welcomes the 2017 Bateman Case Study Competition to the list of new courses available at the college. Bateman Practicum, as it will be called, is a new and challenging experience, shared to us by PRSSA, allowing students to develop a campaign for the Campaign to Change Direction; focusing on changing the culture of mental health in America. The competition raises awareness about the Five Signs of emotional suffering: change in personality, agitation, withdrawal, decline in personal care, and hopelessness.

Teams consist of full-time or part-time undergraduate students who are currently PRSSA members. They will create a public relations campaign that aims to further the goals and reach of the Campaign to Change Direction.

The Bateman Case Study Competition, sponsored by Edelman and The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, is one of the most challenging programs PRSSA offers to a wide range of students. The first place team will be awarded with $3,500 and a trophy; the second place team will receive $2,500 and a plaque; and the third will receive $1,500 and a plaque.

St. John Fisher College is proud to be taking part in this enriching learning experience for the first time, regardless of what prize we walk away with at the end of this amazing competition. Unfortunately the spots for this class are all filled up for the spring semester, however, we hope to consistently participate in the years to come.

Media Analytics Fundamentals with Dr. Shay

pic-2On October 26, the Rochester Media Association held an informational presentation at St. John Fisher College, about media analytics and applying those fundamentals in the workplace. Open to professionals and students, the presentation delve into the relatively new area of research in media management, which examines statistical data in order to understand where improvements can be done to increase engagement in websites and social media.

Ronen Shay, Visiting Professor of Media Management, introduced professionals and interested students to media research through web analytics, an increasingly important skill set for the industry, allowing them to understand major metrics and what they mean. Featured speaker, Len LaCara, an audience analyst for the Democrat and Chronicle, discussed journalism and what can be done to track news story performances and improve their engagement.

Major metrics are becoming increasingly critical for the field of media management, as the world becomes more integrated in the social network and life online. This event provided a great educational opportunity and developmental information for professionals in the Rochester community, as well as students here at the college who have an interest in the media management department.