Digital Cultures Showcase to take place

A Digital Cultures Showcase will be held on December 1st.  This showcase will show off two senior’s projects within the Digital Cultures major.  Held in the Gateway during free period; the projects put on display will fall within the video games and music realm.

Along with showing off their love for the major, there will be video games on display that were made within the department as well as data visualizations. (learning through technology and media)

Professor Sarachan; chair of the communications department and in charge of showcase said that, “This is a great opportunity for faculty and students to see what the students in digital cultures do while seeing if they would enjoy it themselves.”


Media&Comm Student Attends Google Event

Ruya Kirac at Google’s new pop-up shop

The #MadebyGoogle event hosted in New York City on October 29 at Google’s new pop-up shop, was attended by one of our own, Ruya Kirac.

At the event, Kirac was given the opportunity to join other online influencers where they tested new Google products before the company releases them to the public.  Kirac was able to test out the new Google Pixel phone, along with the Daydream View virtual reality headset.

Along with testing out the new products, Kirac and the other attendees got to share their opinion on the new technology with Google’s product development team as well as journalists from the NY times, Adweek, and Forbes.

Kirac came back from the experience saying, “At Fisher, many of our projects in the Media & Communication Department involve examining media companies and working with real clients, which helped prepare me to visit Google and to feel less intimidated when networking with members of the media.”


Journalism & Film Series

Dr. Rosenberry’s Journalism and Film Series kicked off on October 12 with the 1941 film; Citizen Kane.  With the series lasting a total of 3 films, there is plenty of opportunity to lean more about journalism history. Along with the showing of Citizen Kane October 12; All the President’s Men; a film about two journalists and their efforts to report on the Watergate scandal will be shown at 6:30pm, November 2nd in Basil 214.

The third and final film in the series is Spotlight.  Although a more recent film (2015) it won best picture and tells a tale about reporters for the Boston Globe uncovering a sex-abuse scandal among Catholic priests within the Boston Diocese.  Spotlight will be shown on November 30th at 6:30 in Basil 214.  Dr. Rosenberry has been wanting to put on a film festival for many semesters-and now it’s your chance to sit back, relax and learn about journalism and its history through the 3 film series.