Fisher Students to Attend 2015 PRSSA Conference

By Erin Rosenberry

In November, students from St. John Fisher will be attending the Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA) National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta has become a public relations hot spot in the past decades, playing host to a number of different PR firms including Edelman and Jackson Spaulding, along with playing host to a larger portion than ever of the entertainment industry by being the home of shows such as The Walking Dead  and The Originals. The PRSSA conference in particular will be an invaluable networking opportunity due to being the largest congregation of public relation students in the country.

This year the conference is held November 6th-10th, and will be attended by St. John Fisher students Chloe Smith, Olivia Rotondo, Alexandra Hristodoulou , and Sarah Fredendall, along with Fisher Media and Communications professor Arien Rozelle.

PRSA Rochester Hosts Annual PR Apprentice Competition

By Erin Rosenberry

On October 2nd and 3rd, the Rochester chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) held its annual PR Apprentice Program to support Ibero’s Early Childhood Center’s Lending Library, a program dedicated to assisting and promoting literacy to children enrolled at the center.

Working in  teams of three or four, students met with local business and communication professionals (including Fisher professor Arien Rozelle) who acted as mentors and guides in the creation of a PR plan for Ibero. Several leaders and influential community members within the industry also served as a judging panel, and the winning team at the end of the program contained Fisher student Sarah Fredendall.

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Sarah Fredendall (right) as a part of the winning team at the end of the competition. (via @PRSARochester twitter)

The program acts as a way for junior and senior communication students in the area to gain hands-on experience in cooperation with a community partner, and is organized by the Rochester Chapter Diversity Committee and Young Professionals Committee. The committee’s emphasis is focused on cooperation and creativity in the creation of a PR plan that raises the visibility and important of a client organization or program.


PRSSA expands ranks, activities under Irwin’s leadership

This is the third in a series of posts reviewing the work of student media groups in the Media and Communication Department from fall semester, and looking ahead to spring semester.

By Julia Laude

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) was created to advise students who are interested in public relations by enhancing their knowledge and developing highly qualified, well-prepared professionals.

Fisher established its PRSSA Chapter in the spring semester of 2007 and since its inception, the group has gone through many changes. Morgen Irwin is the current president of the PRSSA chapter at St. John Fisher College.

Over the past year PRSSA has made major changes. From the start Irwin has dedicated her time to bettering the group by taking over the Facebook and Twitter while also creating a blog. Her other duties include organizing meetings and recruiting members.

Irwin said that when she joined PRSSA, the group was not very active on campus. Her main goal when she became president was to have the group become affiliated with SGA again and increase the number of members in the group. Irwin says these have been her biggest achievements this semester.

Irwin loves seeing new faces at each meeting. To be recognized nationally, the group must find 10 members who are willing to pay $50 in annual dues. She tries to maintain a fair atmosphere so it’s easier to find those members. It’s really important to her because Fisher is a small school and being recognized by nationals is a big deal.

For the spring semester, Irwin says there are many programs and workshops being developed. She says PRSSA is in the works of having a collaboration with PRIMA while also working with PRSSA groups from RIT and Brockport. Working with the other PRSSA groups, they will be hosting a three tier workshop, one at each location. Each workshop with be formed around topics such as LinkedIn and resumes.

Orientation helps new students find activities to join

Fisher media Communication orientation
Professor Todd Sodano, center, sits with incoming freshmen and transfer students as they discuss the opportunities that most interest them.

By Matt Ulakovich

This first week of the semester, St. John Fisher’s newest communication students participated in an orientation session in which they were able to meet with returning students and advisers to learn about all the opportunities that await them in the newly re-named Media and Communication department.

The students and advisers at the orientation represent such career focused extracurricular groups as Cardinal Courier Media, Cardinal Television, PRIMA Connections, Fisher’s PRSSA chapter, and the Lambda Pi Eta communications honor society.

Greetings and Opportunities

While beginning a new journey may seem a bit overwhelming at first, students found the event to be a welcomed retreat. “The speed dating was great because it allowed me to see what Fisher had to offer in a more intimate setting,” Jillian Nalivyko says. “Just [meeting] with Comm. students, not with every single transfer and freshman made me choose some clubs that I didn’t think I would have been interested in.”

Nalivyko, of Rochester, transferred to Fisher as a second-semester sophomore who is interested in becoming a broadcast journalist and has already completed an internship at YNN Buffalo. “I’m really looking forward to trying the television station, as well as the newspaper and the honor society,” Nalivyko says.

Getting Involved/If You Missed It

While the orientation catered to the interests of Media and Communication students, ALL Fisher students are welcomed, encouraged, and often do become a part of the Media and Communication family. Students interested in joining one of the media and communication groups can stop by the Cardinal Media Tent at the Involvement Festival on Tuesday Sept. 17 to find out how to get involved.