Morgan van der Horst ’18

vanderHorst_Morgan“Fisher’s Comm Department opened so many doors for me. When I first came into Fisher, I was a history major who didn’t know what she wanted to be. But after taking a Comm 100 class my freshman year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I switched majors and fully emerge myself into the department and the many opportunities it presents. I joined both PRIMA and PRSSA, where I was able to work with real clients and get experience for my resume and had the opportunity to attend conferences.

I took a variety of classes to help me figure out what industry in the communications field I wanted to go into was. I took classes in PR, in general communications theory, in advertising, in coding, in data and analytics, in social media, in so many different things. I had the chance to meet industry professionals in Rochester which helped me secure internships and helped me when I was a senior and job hunting.

While my time at Fisher was ending, I knew I wanted to go into digital media, that I wanted to be at Butler/Till, and I had many contacts in my network that worked there. In the end, my first position at Butler/Till was the only job I applied and interviewed for.  Since I started there, the skills I learned at Fisher have helped me tremendously from general office etiquette to industry lingo to tools I use daily. The Department of Media and Communication led me to me to be the person I am today.”